• ​​​​​give advice when you yourself seem to be lacking in direction 
  • pray when you are just too tired to even think 
  • give financial help when you yourself are down to the last penny 
  • help a person to their feet when you yourself have been crushed 
  • take over a situation when you have no time or energy to do so 
  • help someone to complete a task when you have a deadline yourself 
  • keep your promises even if they haven't towards you 
  • believe for someone when you yourself are just hanging on 
  • share when you have nothing to give 
  • laugh when you are crying inside 
  • show patience even if folks don't with you 
  • love folks that you would normally prefer to avoid 
  • generate peace when you have a raging war all around you 
  • be gentle when you want to scream
  • be silent when you have every reason to fight back 
  • act out forgetfulness even though someone has done you wrong 
  • stand up for righteousness, even though you yourself have sinned
  • save a life even when it jeopardizes your own safety
  • do something kind with no hidden agenda for an enemy
  • give flowers instead of throwing stones
  • withhold your own hurt by freely blessing others
  • sell or give things you would rather hang on to
  • listen attentively without complaint when you have been interrupted
  • stop an important task to help someone out
  • admit a wrong without covering it up or blaming someone else
  • make restitution for harm you have caused to someone else
  • offer food to someone when you yourself are hungry
  • offer a chair when your own feet are killing you
  • sing a song of worship when you'd rather just grit your teeth
  • refrain from character assassination when you could reveal the truth
  • say something positive when you are swamped with life's challenges
  • do above and beyond what was expected or asked


  • lay down your life for someone that they may live instead of you !!


Merla Watson - February, 2009

My children, you have already been stung by shock because of recent news about the financial bankruptcy of many nations, coupled with the unprecedented demonic global violence and forthcoming disasters. This has caused great panic, frustration, and grief. I ask you to look more deeply into this situation. Can you not hear My voice behind all this? Can you not interpret My signals to you? I use external things to give you a hidden message. All these calamities are but a sign of a disorder infinitely more serious, and it is in the spiritual realm - it is even now manifesting itself.

My whole church, as it stands now, is bankrupt. The liturgical state churches are travelling down a path on which I am not leading. The allowance of homosexuality, and even the blessing of same-sex marriages, as well as other flagrant sins in the ranks - not only in the congregation - but in the very leadership - is a stench in my nostrils. I will spew these churches out! My treasured children – those who are discerning - will pull away from these infections, and seek fellowship and teaching elsewhere where the climate is pure.

The fundamentalist churches balk at the dramatic and spontaneous moves of My Spirit - their light has gone out. How can there be the living amongst the dead? How can I pour new wine into old wineskins? How can you launch out when you are digging in your heels? Step out of the patterns you cling to that have held you back from experiencing more of My grace and miracles. You need the freshness of My winds and the stimulus of My breath! There is more than one vista in the adventure of faith.

The Charismatic congregations are worse still because of flirtations with pagan practices and the irresponsible displays of human silliness. But did not the Israelites resort to the same diversions even after I spoke and led them through the wilderness, and divided the Red Sea?

And also I say unto you, pursuit of large congregations do NOT denote success in My courts, or gain My favour! Programmes that trick and entice the young into my gates are witchcraft! You have tried to play the role of My Holy Spirit, and have failed! The purity and truth of My Word alone will draw them. Only I will sastisfy their hunger and thirst for Me.

Many churches disregard My chosen people, Israel, by presumptuously sitting in their appointed place. Very well – SIT in their place, and experience their rejection, their loneliness, their mockery, and the wrath of the nations. In an attempt to play fair, in a perverted kindness, you have twisted My love and concerns to align with the enemy. You have even tried to stop My judgment on those who come against My people, and you have tolerated wickedness long enough!! Unclutter your perception! You are not seeing clearly!

My Father-heart is broken. There is such a famine of My Word, and such a dearth of consecrated and holy leadership. Worship of Me is anything but sanctified and focused - I also spew this out! Am I pleased with you? No – I am NOT pleased – I cry when you offer Me your sloppy and ill-conceived musical drivel, daring to call it worship! I turn to My ministers of fire, My holy angels, to comfort Me with melody.

How can you stand in your pulpits proclaiming My truths while living polluted lives? You, who know My coming is at the very door, tempt Me. I will not always strive with you – you are walking on very shaky ground! It has only been My grace and unfathomable compassion for you that has stayed My hand from paralyzing you even as you preach. Oh, that you would put this sin away, that you would turn your back on it, and head towards My Heavenly City with all your hearts!

Far more than any financial crises is the spiritual crisis in My body on earth. Yes – there are small pockets of truth, and a few individuals here and there who really seek My face and are walking in My ways. These will not sell out – no! Not at any price! Even as there is MY remnant in Israel Who truly follow Me, there are those in the church who are also My remnant. They keep My sabbaths, My feasts, and delight in My servants, Moses and David. To them I will grant to ride on the high places, and will fold them tenderly into my bosom as I carry them through the rushing waters. I will also shield them from the roaring flames! They will learn to hide in Me, even though the storm will rage around them because of their firm stand. And I will knit them to My people Israel – forever – in one day!

The “new thing” that I am birthing is as ancient as time itself, when I first breathed My life into this realm. MY kingdom is ushering in! THIS newness I the Lord your God will bring – not YOU! Do not try to force My move – leave that up to Me! Do not say it is NEW, if it is NOT new! When it is truly MY power, it will be obvious to everyone, and you will not need to defend it, or criticize it, or conjure it up, as the whole world will recognize it is of ME, and not YOUR doings!! It is a very sobering time – a time to ponder, to sort out, to discard, to build, to prepare, to save, to study – and most of all, to pray!

Your rejoicing from this point on will be the outcome of your overcoming the affects of the beginnings of sorrows, such as the world has never before encountered. When My Son Yeshua will return to earth, it will be during much upheaval in Israel and throughout the world. It will not be as you have understood, for in order to experience me as Redeemer, there must be something to be redeemed! What am I redeeming you FROM? What will I pull you OUT of? The unthinkable mess that will attempt to rule and reign – that is it. I implore you, do not be part of it! On ANY level!

Come into My courts with nothing in your hands. Prostrate youselves before My Presence. Allow Me to totally transform you into the person you are destined to be. You are living at this moment of time, because of what I need you to do, but you cannot enter into this alliance with Me, until you are rid of the taint of the ills in the church. I am refining everything by fire - Israel, the nations, your family, your marriages, your worship, preaching, teaching, behaviour, and – YOU! When things around you are NOT shaking, then despair, as there is nothing of value to rescue. Things shake only if they are worth shaking. If they start to shake, there is still hope. (end of prophecy)
Merla Watson

There is a worldwide conspiracy ready to unleash its poisons. Its program is to design plans to alter and re-orchestrate minds, and thereby your reactions, behaviors, and decisions. This will be afflicted personally, corporately, and internationally. This has enjoyed its early stages already and will continue to worsen its attack on all relationships – marriages, parents, children, siblings, pastors, congregations, callings, studies, and those in Christian authority. It will be as a deadly spiritual beheading.

Right will be called wrong – and wrong will be called right. If your minds are not cleansed daily and operating under My Divine direction, you will fall prey to this great deception.

Give no place to harboring perverse pictures in your mind, or anxious thoughts, or fear of tomorrow, or personal inadequacy. Discipline and keep your minds and hearts renewed daily by the power of the precious effectual blood of your Messiah, Yeshua. Go about your daily tasks with confidence but Godly fear, knowing that you are fully protected from this attack. But heed My stern warning, O My people! This is not a time to procrastinate, or to not be serious, or to dwell on things which are captivating, but unnecessary.

I speak to churches which are caught up in programmes, whose light has gone out – whose First Love and priority has been altered. I speak to you who have allowed your business and even ministry to push away your times allotted to be alone with God. Focus on ME, look to ME – prepare for ME – as if I were right at the door today. And I will keep you in perfect peace because your minds are stayed on Me, and because you trust in Me. (Isa.26:3) And the peace I promised that passes all understanding shall keep your hearts and minds through Yeshua HaMashiach, My beloved Son. (Phil.4:7)