Elana Watson, Your Hebrew Teacher

Elana Watson is the daughter of Merv and Merla. In order to understand her as a person you must experience her recordings.--- A singer who has lived what she sings about and knows the personal risk and price of the truthseeker. She draws you in, the listener without reservation. There are many dimensions to this artist and she asks you to embrace her uniqueness as she has embraced many paradoxes and dicotomies in the people she's met and places she has been. You cannot predict her style, story, melody or rhythm. You will find an aspect of yourself within her journey of self-discovery through her various recordings. The melodies that awaken , the voice that delivers an emotional landscape, the words that communicate to reach you deeply, are the elements of the painting she will etch in your heart and leave you with a sense of having been somewhere wonderfully familiar yet profoundly new. Experience with her the PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE! Visit www.elanawatson.com for more music and info.

I have been teaching Hebrew for over 10 years

I have come up with very creative methods to comprehend in a childlike way what often is overlooked by other formal curricula. I have designed a method that has been out on DVD called, “Instant Hebrew”. This method was developed through experienced research based on a wide variety of ages, levels and special needs and has been highly successful. My instruction style has a reputation for reaching and enhancing comprehension. This can affect other subjects that students approach. The particular method is a step-by-step process of learning the entire alphabet for the purpose of reading and writing. This builds a solid foundation for the beginner as to the building blocks of the language. I also teach grammar and conversational Hebrew through song and drama once fundamentals are in place.

I now am conducting lessons over the internet and have improved on the “Instant Hebrew” method. It is called the “David Method” It gives you the bottom line approach to the fundamental building blocks of the Hebrew language. I also teach Hebrew root words that help to further understanding of the bible and life.

I hope we can meet online soon,
Elana Watson